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Thread: new scs device by boston scientific

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    new scs device by boston scientific

    anyone know anything about the new scs pain implant from Boston scientific?
    allegedly it works totally differently than the other generation ans stimulator , boson scientific bought out ANS i think,
    cauda equina

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    They bought out Advanced Bionics who is the developer of the SCS. It is a small implantable device (I believe it is done with a needle).
    more info there. I work for AB as a consultant for the last 14 years. Very hard working dedicated people at that company. Dont know what has happened since they were sold out to BS. Haven't been as involved since my husband got injured and SCS was just in clinical trials back then.

    My bad. Not implanted with a needle, that must be Bion, the incontinence device. Its been awhile.

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    i had a ans 8 paddle stimulator implanted just a couple years ago, i had it than changed to a retrograde implant, i never got coverage in the are where the most of my pain is , my toes.
    cauda equina

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    Hoping for relief

    My husband will be having the medtronic stimulator put in (paddle) this coming week. Had a trial with advanced bionics but did not like the idea of the smaller leads. Hoping this will offer some good relief for his pain.

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