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Thread: Finally got my firearms license! *updated*

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    I once shot a fish and wildlife officers 9mm and it made me poo a little it was so fun. Just kidding, no poo, but it was sweet.

    The laws up here in Canada take all the fun out of owning a handgun. It makes a person feel like a criminal for wanting one.

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    Congrats on the conceal carry permit !!!!!!! Not sure what would work with limited hand function. A small frame .45 might be too much recoil. I could be wrong. S&W .38 airlite would be great....thumbless hammer, 5-shot, and very wieldy.....and very expensive, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    You need to video that, I wanna see. I dont see how you could sqeeze off a round w/no hand function.

    My next gun......if I can pull it off.
    I will definetely video it and post it up the next time we go to the range...probably next Tuesday night.
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    Pics for those interested:

    C5-6 - 22 years

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    i spitt like a venom is deadly
    i dont need firearms.
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    why the space at the front of the barrel? doesn't look level with the gun????
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    why the space at the front of the barrel? doesn't look level with the gun????
    Most large frame auto loading handguns have a slide lock that keeps the slide back to both let you know the gun has fired its last round and facilitate much faster reloading. With the gun in this configuration you need only insert a new clip and release the slide lock (bringing the slide forward and a new round from the top of the magazine to battery).
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    Screw guns, I want a sword.
    Where do you get a sword licenses from?
    Do I even need one?

    Currently I wield this one around, hacking off peoples limbs at will.

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    i understand about when you run out of ammo the bolt stays back. put new clip in and release the slide , pull it back to load a bullet. the barrel looks out of level with the gun. is the barrel loose , till the bolt goes forward? just wondering why it looks like that.
    oh well

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    At first I thought you talking about the slide being locked back, but the barrel does seem to angle up at the muzzle. I'm going to have to look at my guns now. Camera angle maybe?
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