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Thread: What to do!!!!????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindasue
    I'll print the thread and depending on how it goes I will give it to her and she can read it and turn the pages herself.
    That'll be a nice start. Just don't give in. Get a cuff and with the eraser end of a pencil she can turn the pages fairly easy. Think of getting a tray as I mentioned earlier and she can read a book or a magazine easier.

    ETA: Can't believe the comments about not needing to exercise.. unbelievable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79
    I would strongly suggest that she find a Pysiatrist(?) to go along w/ her GP. They will be much more educated w/ SCI and rehab needs. Most GP's no jack about our needs.

    I can't remember(don't wanna read through past` threads), did she refuse in home rehab? Sometimes an OT or PT can get through effectively and anyways, she needs it too! Mine did when I went through a "woe is me" week and I respected their insight.

    Also, I mentor w/ new quads- can you check in w/ the local rehab for an old SCI patient that does too?If she doesn't want to openly blurt out her situation publicly on here, maybe she can PM or e-mail w/ one of us(?)I volunteer Bethany.
    LOL. I'll talk if she'll listen!

    The physiatrist is an excellent idea, can't believe it took 60 posts to come up with that one! Duhhhh. They are like rehabilitation specialist doctors. Try to find a reasonably young one. I had a dinosaur in Houston that argued with me when I read about standing and wanted to try.

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    damn pain ...when my skin is touch i feel like i will have a heart attack....all my muscles are spasming ,shrivel ,tighten hell...+burning and electrical symptoms.
    happy the ones who dont experience this evil pain.
    never judge until you experience ......
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    I have seen many many doctors in the last 18 years and not one of them said that I didnt have to exercise. Did you hear the GP say this or is this something she said he said?

    You need to give her some tough love. The neurosurgeon took my family aside two weeks after my accident and told them that they could either make me an invalid or let me do things myself.....granted there will always be things she cant do but if you cater to her why should learn to do anything or even try?

    You cant let her make your family miserable after all her injury effects your life too. I feel for you Lindasue.....hugs
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