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Thread: cushion covers

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    cushion covers

    does anyone make a slippery or more slick cushion cover? i have a varilite cushion and the cover always sticks to my pants and pulls them off and is very difficult to transfer from

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    the roho covers have a somewhat thin lycra-type material on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    the roho covers have a somewhat thin lycra-type material on top.
    The last several Roho's I've ordered have had a different material. It's still fairly low-shear, but I like the lycra-type better.

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    i just bought a fairly cheap nike dryfit shirt at tjmaxx and am getting it made into a cushion cover. but i have a set of those fake satin pyjamas (very cheap), and when im wearing them its very low friction, and easy to transfer in and out of my chair - so you could make a cover out of them...

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    You can call Roho directly and see if they have some old style covers in stock
    I know when they started shipping the new covers they still had hundreds of the old style remaining
    They changed to the new style of cover to make it more durable and universal
    Another idea is any of the seating companies IE Pindot Richardson Freedom AES AEL can make you a custom cover and the have several cover options but the cost with be a little higher

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