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Thread: Just Bought A Macbook

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    Just Bought A Macbook

    Yep, after much convincing from many people I am now the owner of a Mac. Kristi is also in price shock and having buyers remorse. Always do with every big purchase I make. I'm feeling a bit light headed. I can't stand white so I went with the more expensive one and got black. With my student discount it was only $100 more then the white one I would have gotten. I wanted the 17 inch Macbook, but I couldn't justify spending $400 for 4 inches. Be different if the inches were refering to something else. I couldn't resist. Ha ha ha! I have 0% interest for 18 months to pay it off. Pay it off monthly and not add to my clothes collection for a very long time. I'll be ok. I hope.

    .Mac - am I supposed to get a year free? If so I can't find an activation code anywhere. If so I will call the store I got it from tomorrow.

    Will get the Leapoard softward Friday.

    I'm still light headed.
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    They make a 17 inch MacBook?

    Man... get an external monitor for home, way less then 400, and easier on your poor eyes.

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    Kristi, I just got an I-Mac about a month ago...and the .mac for it costs $100/year or maybe that is 100 one time only...not sure...but anyhow it is $100. I Pages is like $80...not sure if that is one time or per year either. I am so loving my mac.. Glad you got one too!!! Enjoy!!!


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    Also a Mac user, and yes, the .mac account is an additional yearly expense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    They make a 17 inch MacBook?

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    I've been a Mac user forever, and love them. You won't regret your purchase, trust me. When .mac first came out it was given as a welcome gift to new purchasers for the first year. They don't do that anymore, and it is $99 dollars a year. It is a great package though, as you can sync with so many other Mac products, has consistenly reliable email (with up to five different screen names for the same price) and tons of video and photography capabilities. It give as huge 10GB of storage too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristi
    I'm still light headed.
    that'll pass. you'll love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristi
    Kristi is also in price shock and having buyers remorse.
    Never heard you speak in the 3rd person b4.

    Hope you enjoy. I just upgraded and got a new Sony Vaio. The exact same Mac was 2x as much!!! Just couldn't do it, but glad you could.

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    How long did it take you to decide when you got there Kristi? My problem is that I'm so indecisive, I don't want to be in the store all day long going back and forth. I think I have decided on the 15 inch Pro because the screen is a bit bigger but still easy to cart around. We'll see.

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