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Thread: How is dx'ing a migraine different than SCI?

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    How is dx'ing a migraine different than SCI?

    This is more to do with an incomplete injury where the problems a person has are weaknesses in one area and of course the spasms that go along with an SCI. So the spasms can't been seen by the doctor nor can the weaknesses be quantified except when you show them you can't lift the arm or leg or move toes, etc. And after the injury, weaknesses in additional areas show up if there is tissue damage or motor neurons become dysfunctional that is not dealt with. So how is this different than dx'ing a migraine other than the person saying they have blinding headaches? Can you do anything other than take the person's word for it without testing that they have a migraine?

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    I'm not sure what I have, but it is triggered by turning head. Awaiting appointment with neurologist who can auth MRI with contrast. I don't get vasodilation bang head so not typical migraine.
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