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Thread: Need advice. TiLite ZRA or Aero Z

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    Need advice. TiLite ZRA or Aero Z

    My DME just left and he left me all the info on the ZRA and the AeroZ. The Areoz has 14 colors to choose from and being a woman, I like that idea. All the spec's are about the same. Except the ZRA weight is 11.5 and made from Titanium the AreoZ is 13.2 made with ultralight Aluminum. Two pounds makes a difference when I am pulling it over me in the car. I want the flickering light casters ( what ever you call them. The kind that lights up with friction) my gkids will love them. I'm getting Spinergy wheels. I can get any color spokes and chair with the Aeroz. I really need a back with plenty of padding especially on the two poles. I lean from side to side a lot and they are pretty tough on my ribs. The backs on my chairs are the cloth and one has the Velcro straps that never stay tight. My balance is not good. I need some padding on the back. I don't know how to put pic's on CC.
    So if anyone knows anything about the AeroZ, please let me know. I have a black Colours and a silver TiLite just never any of the other two. I have read up on all the post on the ZRA. Any idea's. Look them up on
    Jadis, what kind of back is on your Colours?
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    I Have not tried the Aero Z yet, but will very soon. I do have a ZRa (finally got it goin today). VERY light, very maneuverable, and there is a little flex as well. I am using Spinergy LX (black spokes, black hub, black anodized handrims, black Shox firm tires), which have a tiny bit of give as well. Makes for a nice ride IMO. I really want to compare the two to feel the difference between the two chairs.

    As far as color and paint...the one thing about doing a color with the Aero Z is once you pick it, you are stuck with it for a bit (at the least). I would love to have a nice custom paint job with custom upholstery.

    I would get a rep to lend you both chairs to try out. At the very least, have both in your home for one day to compare directly, then take them out and about for a normal day or two, and over a weekend.

    I have a set of LED wheels, Volcanic Glare specifically. Absolutely love them! Where I live is city, and we also have streets outside of downtown that have no lights, and even with lights, going across crosswalks can be dangerous. The more visible I can be, the better. Plus, I have had other girls stop me while I am out and about and tell me they love my wheels. (oh yeah- I am a girl too, so I know what you mean about wanting to have colors; I wanted purple, which no one has...oh well).
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    AreoZ has purple
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    Titanium will last longer than aluminum. I have the ZRA. Titanium was a deciding factor.

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    Paint will chip & fade eventually. Ti you just need some Pledge & a Scotchbrite pad to buff out the scratches & shine it up.

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    mary...the ti tension adj. upholstery is 100x better than colours. the posts and the top velcro strap always dug into my back on my eclipse. ti has more padding over the posts and wide ears on top instead of a skinny velcro strap.
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    i'm sure ya already know this but.......i gotta stress it. "read your order form THOROUGHLY". if'n ya read my thread...i love my new zra but it will bother me forever that i didn't get my footrest width just right.

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    My Velcro straps are on my Quickie Ti. They streched. What about your foot rest? I don't like my DME at all but he is the one I have to use for the program that will be paying for my chair. I have to watch him. I don't trust his measurements or adjustments on my wc.
    I can get anything I want on this chair so I want all I can get.
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    I have an Infinity low back by Invacare I used on time now it is in the box and I will never use it.
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    you need to go to an go over the order forms for the aero-z or zra, whichever you get. i didn't know i had options to my footrest width an neither did my ignorant dme, so now i'm stuck with it.

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