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Thread: Low air loss/rotating mattress

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    Low air loss/rotating mattress

    Any comments on what might work best? I have pain in the legs, bottom and back.

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    Keep in mind that a turning mattress never completely unweights your sacrum or backside, so it is never as good of a turn as a manual turn. We only use them if there is no other option. They are also very expensive, and few insurances will cover them.

    If you have plenty of money, check out the following:

    Invacare TurnQ
    Triline TurnCair Plus


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    The two biggest question is what are you trying to accomplish with your mattress
    Do you currently have a wound?

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    Both of these do completely different functions
    One application tries to keep the skin dry because moist skin is more fragile
    The other shifts weight and pressure by changing position

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