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Thread: My 2 and a half year old son

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    My 2 and a half year old son

    is half way potty trained with peeing on the potty like it is no big deal anymore. He has went poopy a couple of times on the potty but nothing consistent. I want to start back to law school in January and send him to the Montessori school in Dec but he has to be potty trained by that time. I have showed him how to do it and let him watch videos of using the potty and praised him when he did but cannot get him to go. When I know that he has to go I hurry and sit him on the potty but he holds it in and refused to go. Then when he has a diaper on he has a humongo. I called the DR today and asked if there was anything that I could give him to make him go besides milk of mag or anything else that would make him go so I could know when to expect him to go so that I could have him sitting on the potty at that time and praise him when he does, but she said that there is nothing. She said that I have already tried everything that she always recommends and just to give it more time.
    Anyone else have any suggestions that worked for them with their kids? Or does the nurse have any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Don't give him diapers anymore. He knows what he is doing and he is running the show. Take him to the bathroom and tell him directly that you expect him to put his pee and poop in the potty and no where else. If he does not do it, then you will start treating him like a baby again and he will not be allowed to... watch his favorite cartoon or play with his favorite toy or make him stand in the corner. Also, don't praise him a whole lot because that just lets him know how important it is to you. When he goes just be matter of fact about it, like that is what is expected. You can also try letting him run around naked or just with underwear (big boy pants) so when he has accidents it is uncomfortable for him. Naked is better. Three or four days of naked kid or just tee shirt and he should be good to go. You may not agree with these suggestions. You might think that is being too mean, but definitely no more diapers. You are giving him a conflicting message. " I want you to go in the potty, but if you won't I will still let you go in the diaper." Be straight forward and tell him exactly what you expect him to do and be firm about it. There should be consequences when he doesn't. I am not saying a 2 1/2 year old will not have occasional accidents, but it should only be maybe twice a month. Good Luck. BTW, I have two sons now age almost 7 and 8 and potty trained them both at 2 1/2. I did it just like I said and both were trained days and nights in one week.

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    I know don't want to hear this, but have patience. Forcing the issue will only cause trouble, and longer delays for you. He has already shown you that he is in control of his bowels by holding it until he is wearing a diaper. That is not good for his system. Let him wear diapers, for the time being. Try again in a few weeks. Until then, say nothing at all about pooping on the pottie.

    I don't know what it is about kids and their poop! Maybe it is the first thing they have control of in their short lives, and they enjoy it? Be prepared. There will plenty of other control issues in the years to come.

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    I think that if he is forced into the potty he will see it as a negative experience and will not want to do it at all. I know that when a friend of mine had a hard time it was because her daughter's bowel movements were hard and they hurt. I think that diaper was a comfort zone for her because it scared her. Your little boy is still a baby and as hard as it is to potty train it takes time . So know that you are not the only one to go through the dreaded potty. My daughter had accidents and I am sure there are going to be many. Good luck and encourage your son and praise him. One more thing that might work is a reward system, a sticker sheet for each time he goes he can put a sticker on his sheet and earn something after so many stickers. I think that harsh and strict boundries will lead to trouble, but that is of course my opinion.

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    20 and 30 years ago the vast majority of children were potty trained between 18 and 24 months of age. For some reason, today, we make excuses about why children are not training. Children are just as smart now as they were then, and are perfectly capable of going on the potty. It's a power struggle when you wait too long. Now the majority of children are not trained until around age three. I bet the diaper makers are lovin' it. Just my opinion.
    Some links here, here, and here.

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    Maybe he is holding the poo because it is hurting him if they are very big. Try giving him Lactose to soften the stool. Also does he drink alot of milk because this can make stools hard. We had this problem and those 2 things helped. The rest is patients, maybe start making him clean himself when he messes that should get him to see the negative side of it.

    Hope it helps.

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    My daughter is almost 2 but she is not completely potty trained. In the morning just after her milk my wife sits her on the potty and she usually goes. But we don't force her. If she refuses to sit we do something else and in about another 10 minutes or so we try it again. We also use rewards to encourage her. She is also constipated and we give her lactoluse syrup for that. And sometimes we keep a soft toy on the potty and say that the toy is using the potty which is hers, or we say that we will take a photo of a good girl who goes to the potty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but its worth a try.

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