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Thread: PRESSURE SORE: left buttock

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    It is real interesting that we have different responses to laying down. I have had every test and there is no tissue (or any kind) of damage around my ishial tuberosity and even the docs cannot figure out what the screaming pain when I sit is about. You mentioned doing more "boosts" I think that will be helpful. I also now believe that my problems resulted from getting too focused (okay, like in a trance ) on my computer screen/answering the phone and not taking care of my body. It is so easy to let that happen. One more thing...hope you are not offended by this (some are I have discovered) but have you tried medical marijuana? It can be VERY helpful with the burning pain (plus it also lightens my mood and I even find myself laughing). That mood change is healing in husband has come into the bedroom after hearing me laugh at something on the TV, crying tears of joy because it has been so hard on him to see me so somber (or grumpy) day after day in horrible burning pain. I'll being thinking about you and hoping you get lots of sleep and anything else that helps you get through the night and day.

    As a matter of fact I was talking about Good Sam . I am glad to get your feedback on that cushion. Being an incomplete T12 I do move around alot too. Most of my 23 years have been spent sitting on a foam cushion because I was in and out of the wheelchair all the time. I can't see me being able to sit still in that easy rider cushion either...thanks for the feedback...I guess the search for the right cushion to get me out of bed is still on. By the way...are you happy with the cushion you chose?
    How long have you been at the Rehab Institute? I was first there in 1982 and many years later I find myself needing their services again. It was a great place (down on NW Kearney) and staff way back when .

    I'm going to look into desipramine too. I have never heard of that one. Thanks


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    I did my initial rehab at Good Sam back in 1989 and only recently moved back to Portland. I had a seating eval in December. RIO certainly has changed a lot since I was there - better facilities, more equipment.

    I've been using a Roho cushion for about 10 years and have been pleased with it from a pressure-relieving point of view. I was looking to get something with a little more lateral stability since I have lower back pain sometimes. The Ride cushion looked okay until I talked about it with my DME provider.

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    tocker -- not offended by mary jane suggestion, I would do just about anything legal that would still allow me to function to stop this. I am missing out on so much of daughters life because of the pain. I sat through her showing goats two weeks ago and it was all I could do to make it--that was the first one I had been to, missed four. I know a couple of other paraplegics and they have none of this pain and I don't think even they understand...

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