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Thread: Anybody Carry a Gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif
    Some of the latest car quality test surveys in fact show that a Hyundai car is more maintenance-free and problem-free than those Mercedes cars
    I bow to you Leif, you are correct. OK, Ok Mercedes being built by Ford. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl.
    actually the only idiots who break boards are Americans who create their own martial arts and then name them after themselves, I'm sure you know the type .
    It took a little Googling, but I learned the type!!! Look approx. half way down!

    Darn stereotyping always come back to bite you in the A$$!! LOL


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    If looking towards smaller pistols, dont forget my favorite pocket pistol...the Makarov. Very concealable. And if you want a German themed version...they come in East German flavors as pictured below. Higher grade than your run of the mill Eastern Bloc Mak. Not a Walther, but hey...sort of close if you have a vivid imagination, lol

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    Hi Andy,

    Beware that your all-knowing, Nova Scotian Ninja master friend, who's trained so many of the R.C.M.P., doesn't perform a flying roundhouse kick and knock that silly handgun from your grip.

    Maybe if we could perform a flying roundhouse kick like that we wouldn't need to defend ourselves with a firearm... or put an armrest through someone's skull.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Hey Bob,
    Here in Louisiana its legal to Pop A Cap at someone that throws your stuff away. Don't worry about a picture I have a good idea how you mounted the gun. I just purchased an ankle holster from ebay. I will give that a try, and if that doesn’t work out I will mount a holster under my seat.

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    The main reason I pack a gun is not necessarily to protect myself, although I will use it if necessary but, to protect my wife from some mullet who thinks she is an easy target because she hangs around with someone in a wheelchair. Given the opportunity I will dot his eye with a hollow point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl.
    lol, I'm talking about a weapon they had on their person Dave. Wikipedia, that's funny! Not my first time around the block Sir, I'm a 20 year student of the most traditional martial art. I have been a student of Shotokan karate since 1987 here in Eastern Canada. I have been a student of a man who is an original student of the man who created the form on Okinawa around the turn of the 1900's. I hold a 4th degree black belt and I am registered at the budokan in Japan. I have trained both the R.C.M.P. (Our national police force in Canada), local police forces, recruits at the Holland Colledge Police Academy and Canadian Forces troops in urban survival skills.

    I also work with my associates in a private security firm that 6 of us are involved in. We are all high level martial arts practitioners and we provide personal protection services for vip's. We were good enough as personal protection officers for the Prime Minister of Canada during the Group of 7 conference when it was held here. So I am no stranger to sliding a holster on my belt sir.
    I agree with Dave. Your "stats" are the common nonsense espoused by the anti firearm groups all around the world.

    While martial arts are fun to play around with it is a far cry from being the most effective method of self preservation. If you're out and don't have a firearm this is the next best option, but even then I'd prefer a pipe or other blunt object over 20 years of martial arts in a "real" street encounter.

    Moreover, the instance of a person being relieved of their firearm and having it used against them is so rare it's almost as frequent as photographs of Yetti's. Bringing little more than a deep background in martial arts or a person that once had a great capability with martial arts but is now in a wheelchair to a gun fight is a fools errand.

    In my experience a Muy Thai/Jhu-jhitsu fighter is about as deadly as one can get in simple hand to hand combat. No other form of non weapon combat is close to the capability of this type of individual. This fighter will beat your ass then rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end. The only way to stop such an eventuality is to either be better at said capability or use a sidearm. This simple observation leaves us with the only logical conclusion that a sidearm is the MOST effective means of defense.

    I know what some are thinking right now..."what about the police?" In MOST instances of violent crime the police are mere armed report takers. The odds are far greater that the police won't show up to save you in time, but they will show up at some point to witness the aftermath and hopefully you're still alive and relatively unharmed when they get there. Again, a sidearm dramatically increases the odds you will be.

    Anyone remember the story of a wheelchair bound woman that was attacked in a New York subway a few months ago but was not the victim the assailant hoped for? She shot the prick and saved herself. No martial arts, no begging and pleading for her life or safety, she did what anyone should do.

    I carry with a shoulder rig in the winter and have a covered velcro under seat holster for summer.
    "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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    I would tend to disagree about preferring a blunt object to 20 years of martial arts. Someone with that level of skill is not going to be afraid of your blunt object. For example, my brother in law is quite skilled in that direction and is a cop. They use him for demonstration all the time. They have had as many as four cops attacking him and trying to get his gun and he keeps them away with really hurting them. Imagine what he could do if attacked.

    I meant withOUT really hurting them.
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    I don't need to carry a gun with me. Besides me is the biggest protector of all, God. That's all I need to protect me.


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