I received a call today asking if I used intermittent catheters, which is a pre-requesite of taking part in a small research project. I said no, but I have some friends who do and may be interested.

So, friends, they are looking for eight (American only) intermittent cathers and pay $75 for a 30-minute interview.

They will write the check out to you or any other entity you choose. If you want to donate to U2FP, Dr. Davies, the HKU SCI fund, Dr. Keirstead, or anyone else, you can. If you want to keep the $75 for yourself, you can... it's all up to you.

Research on Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)/Intermittent Catheters

The Martec Group is a medical consulting firm located in Chicago and we are now managing the Continence Leaders Forum. Currently we are working with a major medical manufacturer to gather opinions and perceptions of regarding a new product for collecting urine samples for testing for Urinary Tract Infections for patients with Spinal Cord Injuries, Spina Bifida. To accomplish this task we are sending a new prototype product for patients (mostly male patients) and or their caregivers to evaluate. This new product should ideally be more convenient to collect urine samples. THIS IS A NON-WORKING PROTOTYPE. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOU TO HANDLE AND EVALUATE IT.

Interviews are conducted via the phone and last 30 minutes. We require that respondents use intermittent catheters or are a caregiver for a patient that uses an intermittent catheter. Each respondent that participates will receive a $75 honorarium (a check made out to the individual).

If you qualify for the research, we would send a confidentiality agreement. When you return this to us, we would mail the product (along with a product description) so that you can view and evaluate it.

We can schedule immediately. All interviews will be scheduled by Barb Meyers/Kese Gentry at 312-606-9677, or Barb Lhota at 312-606-9691 or The Martec Group general number 312-606-9690. If you have questions email Barb Lhota at barb.lhota@martecgroup.com. Thank you.

Barbara Meyers/Kese Gentry/Barb Lhota

Barb Lhota

Direct: 312.606.9691
General office number: 312.606.9690
(I am putting this in FL&A because it can be used as a fundraiser.)