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Thread: High Blood Pressure

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    High Blood Pressure


    How is high blood pressure/hypertension best treated, e.g. medication, diet, etc?

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    Weight loss, diet and exercise are first-line treatments for everyone with hypertension. Medications are also used for those where the first interventions are not sufficient. In the USA, generally a step-wise progression of medications is recommended, starting with one drug and then adding others as needed to get the blood pressure into sufficient control.

    Here is something you can read about this:

    High Blood Pressure AHA page

    Hypertension is still a major killer, and most people have no symptoms at all. It is important to keep your hypertension under control (there is no cure) to avoid the long term effects of stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney damage.

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    Hi Shawn, I'm not a medicial professional, so what I am writing is only from my personal experence. I have high blood pressure,and it is has been partly due to some of the medicines I have to take. You might want to ask your doctor if any of your meds could be the cause of your high B.P.

    Linda H.

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