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Thread: San Diego Fires

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    KLD~ I have 2 nieces at the University in San Diego,I can't reach either of their fathers.Are they in a safe area or one that is evacuated? Iam pretty worried. They are both in University dorms.

    Thanks for the updates
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake
    KLD~ I have 2 nieces at the University in San Diego,I can't reach either of their fathers.Are they in a safe area or one that is evacuated? Iam pretty worried. They are both in University dorms.

    Thanks for the updates
    USD (my alma mater) is in Linda Vista, well south of the nearest fire in the county. The campus has not been evacuated, though classes have been cancelled through tomorrow.

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    If you are having difficulty getting through, keep in mind that utilities are disrupted. Just heard from a friend, who might have to leave soon, that she is housing 7 evacuees and a dog in her tiny condo in La Joya. Utilities are intermittant. Best wishes to all during this very trying time.

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    La Jolla (not La Joya) is a safe area too, at least for now.

    As MZack said, USD, UCSD, and SDSU all are in safe areas. Cal State San Marcos is closest to the fires and classes there have been cancelled all week. Southwestern Community College is also close to the southern fires.

    Please don't call people in San Diego county on their cells if you can avoid it. They are asking people not to use their cell phones, as they are also used for a lot of emergency communication, and the systems are getting overloaded. Most phone lines are still working, but there are electrical outages and shortages due to a number of power lines being down, so if they only have a cordless phone, it might not work (hard wired phones are working nearly everywhere).

    You can also contact the housing office at the universities and and they will check on the safetly of students in the dorms. USD is pretty close to the largest evacuation center (Qualcomm Stadium) and I saw a lot of college students volunteering there today on TV, so perhaps that is why you can't reach them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf
    But I thought it was firefighters job to save lives and property.
    In a typical situation, they can and do. These wildfires are far different. It's like trying to save homes in a massive flood.

    My property isn't worth a family's grief.

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    The morning news just reported they caught some moron on a motorcycle starting a fire. What is in these peoples mind.

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    Saw on the news this morning a couple who lost their home and did'nt have much warning. They were concerned about a neighbor/disabled, that did'nt answer her door.

    They thought they heard a rustling sound, had to go, and called the police to check on her.

    This morning all they knew was that her van is still there and don't know if she got out or not.

    So sad the horrible amount of loss for folks. A miracle there isn't a larger amount of lifes lost.

    KLD, hope you and all other cc family members are doing okay...........

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    Normally I would pray for everyone touched by this to be bathed in the "light" ... in this case I pray for all to be bathed in "rain" ...... so much sadness .... I'm sorry for your brothers loss V ... so so sorry .....

    Is there anything to loose by concentrating on a collective consciousness for rain and for the winds to subside .... whatever you choose as a form of prayer I totally believe that kind of energy will find its way to those in need .....

    Please be safe everyone .. and god bless the firefighters .... as always .. yet again ....

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    I saw how they are trying to lay blame. do these ppl under stand that there is no one to blame when it is an act of nature.sure some of these counties don't have enough equiptment or ppl on hand but that is the way the ppl voted it is not just one indevisual person. why does the media try to blame just one person in a situation like this?
    yes, I am concerned about the fires and for my G/F's family they live around Hemet and Loma Linda

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    Update: Mom drove all night with my brother's kids to bring them here, where they'll be staying with Pia and I for however long. Got 3 new cats and 2 dogs, too. They were all prepared for just such an emergency; every fall, Nancy has them pack a suitcase with all their valuables, as there are fires nearly every October, and they've learned to live with them, sorta. They were all bitching about the flat screen they just bought and lost; kids, we can replace that, ok?

    First thing they all say when they got here at 0-Dark 30: "Uncle v, do we have to go to school?" I reply, "It's either school Monday morning, or I work you non-stop here and at your Grandpa's shop." Mike immediately goes out to my shop and gets out a chainsaw, "I'll cut whatever you want." No school for him, it seems.

    Dick and Nancy are sticking it out, doing what little they can. They're just feeling the shock now; adrenaline and no sleep for days and finally they crashed and now it's hitting them. Mom and Dad brought down cases of water and Ensure for evacuees, and Pops handed out a couple boxes of cigars at Qualcomm before -get this- a security guy came up and said, "There's no smoking in this facility," and my smart-ass father replied, the sky red with smoke, "Tell that to the fires!" It's chaos down there, people pouring into evacuation centers, looking for answers, solutions; good thing the kids are up here, nothing for them to do but sit in front of the tube and gawk and stay tense. No tube here, however, I've got them outside and busy, and we'll do the TV thing for only a few minutes; they don't need it.

    Lots of blame going around, government shoulda woulda coulda, and people who've recently moved into the hills are getting blamed, too, but as Dick said the other day, "Everybody in my area knows the danger, we just have to take measures each year to deal with it. What we really need is a state-wide thinning campaign." He's right on that one; too much fuel in the hills.

    So the family is safe, brother's gonna stay there and get back to business, and deal with the insurance company. A big fear is the looting; all sorts of thugs roaming the hills looking around.

    One last tidbit: when they were evacuating on their way down the hill, they saw one of their neighbors stopped along the road with car trouble. Dick, a damn good wrench, gets out to help, but the guy's all nervous, "Get outta here, I'm fine," but Dick -6'6", huge- walks up to him anyway, ready to look under the hood. Suddenly he looks in the guy's car and sees the whole thing is packed with black Hefty bags, smell of weed hitting him, the guy's yelling at him that he's fine, he's got it. Dick says, "That's dope, isn't it?" Guy hems and haws and Dick says, "It's cool, I'm not gonna call the cops, but lemme help with the car; did you get all your valuables out?" The guy replies, "Yeah, I got my scale, some baggies and my scissors."

    Funny, our priorities during crisis. Dick fixed the cable to the accelerator, and off the guy goes, just as a cop comes screaming up the hill.

    Thanks for all CC concerns, my family's OK. Hope we can say the same for so many others...

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