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Thread: San Diego Fires

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    San Diego Fires

    We are in the middle of a major disaster. There are at least 9 fires in the county, with none anywhere close to control. They are spending more efforts on evacuations than on fighting the fires, and have called for help from other regional fire departments. The Govinator is expected to tour the area today. There are major high population areas under evacuation orders, and the winds are worse today than yesterday.

    Evacuation centers are already full, with several of them (schools) having to also be evacuated to other areas overnight, so others are being set up further away (mostly again at schools, so those schools are being closed). They are opening Qualcomm Stadium as an evacuation center, and talking about opening the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The freeways are packed out of the evacuation areas and two of the major freeways used by commuters are already closed. A televised press conference this AM confirms that these nine fires combined are worse than the Cedar fires we had 4 years ago.

    I hope that any of our members who are residents of North County or East County have gotten out safely and are in a safe location with friends or in an evacuation center. If you are close to fires or in recommended evacuation areas, get out now. We have implemented our center's call system to check on the status of all our SCI veterans who live alone or who may need help to evacuate.


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    be safe!!
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    i could never understand why Calif. doesn't have a fleet of those planes that can scoop up water and dump it on the fires. i understand the wind moving the fire real fast and hard to contain it , but they should try something. you have a whole ocean of water to use.
    oh well

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    I saw some of the films on last nights news. It looks terrible. I will be thinking about you and everyone in the area concerned. I hope it is under control soon.

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    It's made the news here in the UK, as the man said, stay safe.

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    now i know where mel gibson lives.. i hate fire,take care and stay safe!

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    Mel Gibson lives in Australia most of the time.

    We have those scooper planes and helicopters that can drop both water and fire retardants, but the winds have been so high and the smoke so bad they have not been able to take off or safely get close enough to the fires. You would have to have thousands of them (we have 5 in the county) to put out the widespread fires we are having, accompanied by 50-60 mph winds, and tender dry vegetation (we have had drought conditions for at least 5 years here). These fires are in suburban areas, not remote areas.

    There are more fires in the LA area, including a pretty severe one last night in Malibu.


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    be safe ...i watched on the news....
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    im in eastlake and da air is pretty bad from the fire..

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    Family News:

    Hadn't heard from my brother, Richard, since word of the fires broke out. He and his wife and three kids live above Poway near San Diego. They knew there'd be winds coming, as they do every October, and the cleared space around his house had recently been increased; no brush anywhere, but still the damn winds pushed the fire up over the edge of their hill, 60 mph winds.

    My brother's house is essentially gone. Insurance will cover everything, of course, and they were able to get some personal things and paperwork out before Cal Fire showed up; Nancy had packed a trunk in the garage with many of their heirlooms/photos and they got that out, too, so there is good news, I suppose, but the shock from the loss, the suddenness of seeing it all gone, man; the total helplessness. They're down in Del Mar now with friends and everyone's fine physically. I'm still fucked up from my wound and MRSA or I'd be heading down there; not that I could do anything other than commiserate and burn herb with him, but...

    Dick traveled everywhere with me in the early 80's as my mechanic/go-fer, but made a pretty good amount of money years later after buying up old guitars in the midwest and south when I was on the enduro circuit; we'd get to the race middle of the week and first thing, he'd go into the closest small town around and find the pawnshop and buy whatever they had, and his collection of Fender Strats and Teles was/is pretty deep, over 70 at one point. Sold a '57 Strat, tobacco sunburst, to Robert Cray for apparently huge coin, and he was able to buy his dream property, 12 acres, atop a small ridge with a view of the Pacific. He's been bouncing back and forth between Europe, here and Brasil selling hardwoods and making a good living. They survived a huge fire several years ago, but not this one.

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