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    I have been reading a huge amount of information on stem cell injections in the lumbar spine as well as the direct injection at injury site via surgery using your own stem cells from your hip bone marrow. There's some comprehensive info on if you are interested in reading. I have a few questions that maybe Dr. Young or other researchers might answer. If adult stem cells are as effective as embryonic (are they?), why are these procedures not being done in the US. Besides the positive recovery stories they've written about, what are the negatives to the injection. The price seems relatively low, as do the risks to potential reward. I'm interested in hearing some educated individual's opinions on these procedures that are being done globally. What is the rehab like afterwards? What are the negatives? Why is it not being done here? Would getting this therapy preclude an individual from receiving more definitive and extensive stem cell therapies if & when available? If you want some information on me, please visit I'm a C4-5-6 quadriplegic w/ full sensation and function through C7.
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    Not necessarily responding you directly, but I think the following articles have information for you to be able to compare between Bone Marrow and Cord Blood stem cells.

    These articles also highlight the questions of risks posed by cord blood stem cells from donor as well as what scientists are thinking.

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    hi this might help you out too check it out. if you also need on hand help on this docter i can help u.

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