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Thread: Sharing a printer

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    Sharing a printer

    I have a small wireless network at home with two computers on it running XP. I just got a laptop that is running vista. I figured out how to add it to the network so I can get on the internet with it, but I cannot seem to get the laptop to see the printer. The printer is directly hooked up to one computer and I have it set up to share. I can print from the other computer, but I cannot find it with the laptop. Is it because of the two different operating systems? Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

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    Dumb question, but did you install the vista driver for the printer? Try that and see whats up. Searching google gave tons of xp vista printer options. Read those and it'll probably be the ticket.

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    Not a dumb question at all. The printer did come with a separate cd for vista and I did not install it. Should I install it on the computer that the printer is directly hooked up to even though that one runs XP or should I install it on the laptop?

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