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Thread: Life alert

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    I had Life Alert when I was first released from rehab.

    They did not call me daily although that was an option. I had to press the button once a month to check the system. I found that in the amount of time it took for them to answer and ascertain my problem, I could call 911 on my own.

    I am never without my cell phone and I also have a pre-arranged signal with my neighbors that if my car panic alarm goes off, they should check on me if I do not respond, dial 911.
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    Those of you who have yourself all my to all the time, well it must be great not to be able to fall in a position where you can get to it but with me being a quad, I've fallen over in my chair where I can't get myself back up and there was no way I can get to a phone on my lap or anything because a couple of times I had actually fallen onto my lap and couldn't get myself back up and the only thing I could do was get that button in my mouth so I can press it with my teeth and get either a family member, neighbor, or if worse comes to worse 911 over to my house. It really has saved my butt a few times when I've fallen over. I had them call my neighbors or a family member when I couldn't get back up. Otherwise I could've been stuck like that for hours waiting for a caregiver to show up.
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    Someone should devise a voice-activated pendant with two-way speaker that could be worn around the neck and would automatically dial a preprogrammed number(s).

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    There is basically such a device - almost.

    I got my elderly friend a device at the medical supply store. Basically, it's the world's smallest cordless phone.

    You just plug the device into power and phone line, just like a regular cordless phone.

    The pendant is worn around your neck, or clips to clothes. If you push the button, it dials 911. And there's a speaker in it, so you talk to them - it's basically a tiny cordless speakerphone.

    There are no monthly fees, monitoring, etc - just the purchase price.

    Unfortunately, the only thing it calls is 911. Of course, since you can communicate with them, you could ask them to call someone else for you and send them over.

    It's called Guardian Alert 911 and is widely available.

    Here it is on Amazon, for $129.99 currently

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    Hi I have the alert
    Mine consists of a button thing I wear around my neck it is a good safety device for people like myself who live on their own . Every month I push the button and test the alert system out .
    Depends on the individual I guess but in my case it is a nice safety piece of mind for me .
    Outreach and places like that offer these to old or handicapped folk .

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