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Thread: Any Skiers/snowboarders out there?

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    I don't know if I should congratulate you or cuss you for making me drool. Congratulations on placing. Take a run down the mtn for me.
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    WheelieMike-I took an awesome run for you today on Seven Brothers Trail at Loon Mth. It was beautiful packed powder and the sun was sparkling off the snow crystals. There was no one else around so I could make nice smooth carving turns. I cut off to the Nastar course and did some gates for you and finished on some smooth, wide rollers. Its my favorite run and it was dedicated to you! Come to NH someday and I will be happy to ride it with you.

    Carl-I moved to the mountain in early December so I get to ride it every day. I hope to become good enough to take my PSIA level 1 exam. Ironically, I was supposed to be getting my snowboard level 1 this year-plans changed though! The adaptive program (WMASS) here at Loon Mtn is like a family and I can't wait to be good enough to coach. I was/am a teacher and would love to be able to share my passion. There seems to be a plethera of former snowboarders with SCI's in our area lately. I used to live by the phrase "Go Big or Go Home"-I'm not so sure that they are words to live by.

    Thanks for your support guys-I race in an AB slalom race on Thursday. Its steep and narrow but should be fun-I hope I survive. I will dedicate it to you both
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    Quote Originally Posted by aidan416
    I race in an AB slalom race on Thursday. Its steep and narrow but should be fun-I hope I survive.
    Good luck! A tight slalom course can be a little tough for a mono. Are there any GS races? You should invest some time and practice on the NASTAR race course at Loon too.

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    Carl-You were right, monskis are not made for tight slalom courses. We had four rigs on the course and NO successful finishers! That is the problem with competeing on an AB course, I guess.

    I ride the NASTAR course here every day. They had a wide slalom/tight GS course set up this week. I thought it might prepare me for today....not quite! Anyway, I will race on Sunday in another Diana Golden Level I race. I should do better since I got a new ski.

    I am riding a Fischer Slalom ski, 161. It is really stiff and fast. It took about a day to figure out. Hopefully this weekends race will be better than last Sundays or todays
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    I am a little frustrated-I have broken 2 bindings and 1 ski in the last week! That would be three yes THREE "taxi" rides off the mountain by ski patrol this week alone. Granted, it could have been MUCH worse-I wasn't hurt when I somersaulted in my rig down a rather large headwall when I broke my binding off-but I did scare the heck out of the coach I was skiing with ...and the school group who was nearby...and I admit, myself Sadly, I am now out of skis and bindings so I have nothing to ski on tomorrow. It is supposed to be gorgeous out too! On the otherhand-maybe the day off will do me some good!

    Oh, I raced another AB slalom course last Thursday and a Level I Diana Golden on Sunday. Got through the AB slalom course successfully twice-though very slowly. I finished first in the Diana Golden Race-Yeah! AB Dual Slalom is on Thursday-don't know who I will "Dual" against since I am the only female monoskier -or if I will even have a ski yet. DG race on Sunday-so mush for the superbowl!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aidan416
    I have broken 2 bindings and 1 ski in the last week!
    Sounds to me like you need to 1) upgrade your bindings and skis to those used for racing and make sure that whoever does the mounting, mounts them properly for racing. As you now know, a monoski puts an incredible amount of stress on one ski and one binding where AB skiers have two of each. 2) If you're serious about this stuff get some more training before you do something (else) permanently to your body. 3) Go talk to some of the racers on the NE Disabled Ski Team. Is Chris Devlin-Young still active on the team? My opinions.
    Good luck,

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    Chris D-Y is at Waterville Valley now. As you may know he was recently in the X Games so has been in Aspen (lucky guy). BTW-He got Bronze in Mono X.

    I ride on NEDST (before my SCI as well). They are always a big help and have been instrumental in getting me back on the mountain after my accident. I think the equiptment problem I am having is that I have no $ right now and have been relying on the generosity of others who have given me skis and bindings. Both of the bindings I broke were used-one Markers and the other Atomic. I am now sticking with Salomon 900 or 916 with a nice sturdy "block" rather than the pin that the others used. The skis are a bit easier-the one I was having trouble with is a Fischer SL ?. It was one given to me by a World Cupper that didn't really need it anymore. I think that it is just too stiff for me to ride effectively right now. I am not sure me ability level is there quite yet. I have gone back to Atomic SL11's for now. They have slightly more flex and don't "load" as much as the Fischer.

    We also determined that when I was hit by a big guy in a Bramble a few weeks ago, the frame of the Revolution I ride was torqued in the impact. This may have contributed to the binding issues because more force was being placed on the right side of the binding whenever I turned left. I now have a different Rev but it is lower than my other and the shock is lousy. I should be able to make quicker turns but my mogul skiing will be hell.

    I hope to get a Bramble next year....but they are expensive!!!

    Once again -thanks for your help.

    Were do you ski?
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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