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Thread: Dangers of a dormant UTI?

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    Dangers of a dormant UTI?

    Is there any risk to not taking medication when we think we have a UTI? I often have mild ones that cause more muscle tone and spasms, sediment in the urine, etc, but I don't medicate, preferring to just flush them out with water over the course of a couple days. Is there any danger to this?

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    how do u know its uti? sediment in urine is normal at times.. no fever no sick feeling, no pills

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    once you reach the parameters of an infection in someone with SCI, namely positive labs plus clinical signs/symptoms such as fever, spasticity, blood etc, you should treat it. left untreated you run the risk of a bladder infection ascending to the kidneys, and ultimately spreading throughout your body in what is called septicemia, a condition with a high mortality rate.

    colonization need not be treated, but a virulent UTI is not like a cold that you can just "tough it out" and "flush away"

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    Treatment is generally not recommended unless you have a fever, flank pain or elevated white blood cells in your blood. When you do have a fever, it indicates that the kidneys are involved. Infection involving your kidneys causes damage to the kidneys, which over time can lead to renal failure, so febrile UTIs should be treated with antibiotics, not just pushing fluids. Infections limited to the bladder (sediment, odor, mucous threads, etc.) without fever, flank pain or elevated white count can usually be watched and pushing fluids is one recommended measure to manage this (as well as more frequent catheterization).


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    Thanks, everybody.

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    How high a fever? I have a body temp that likes to play the roulette wheel, I swear. Down to 97.1 normal for winter and currently feeling like deaths door at 101.0 and beautiful 65 outside.

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