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Thread: Miami Project says Clinical Trials in 2008??

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    Miami Project says Clinical Trials in 2008??

    In this video it says that the Miami Project is starting clinical trials in 2008. Does anyone know what type of treatment they are talking about or is this just another smoke screen?

    I don't have the direct video link but it's about half way down the linked page, in red. Its the video entitled "Sharing the Spot Light"

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    Very grateful for the Miami Project & their research, but I don't believe a word they say. Will I ever read from them is a repair for sci... probably not in this lifetime.

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    It would be great if there research was half as successful as there fund raising, they have that part of it down pat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjames
    It would be great if there research was half as successful as there fund raising, they have that part of it down pat.
    You've been doing this for... how long now? You know how much about the intricate biology of the human central nervous system? Where are you putting your research dollars? How long have the beneficiaries been working at this? How much of their research is based on those that came before? How much time will you give them to find answers? Everybody has to start somewhere and most medical research is based on earlier knowledge. Most (all?) of the negativity I see on these boards directed at Miami comes from people who have little to no direct interaction with the Project.


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    As far as clinical trials, the possibilities as I see them:

    (1) Schwann Cell / Rollipram

    (2) Cold Saline Protocol

    (3) Conduct a trial based on another organizations science.

    From what I understand Dr. Mary Bartlett Bunge is highly regarded.

    edit-"In our experimental models, we have already seventy percent recovery".Marc Buoniconti

    video link-
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    All I know is that it would certainly be great to have some encouraging news come the new year ... I've been here at CareCure since 2002 and paralyzed for more than 22yrs .. five years are definately up! lol
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    If the next leader of the free world is at least somewhat sane I'm sure we will see a lot of good news ahead in the future.
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    Amen Curt!!! I am right there with you on that thought. Even marginal sanity would be an improvement over what we have now. lol

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    My observation is that more therapies will be developed before a cure is presented. I am hoping more breakthroughs in pain relief will be on the horizon.

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    Tiger, Why do you insist on going for my throat every time I post? I'm getting tired of it. I guess the day I saw you at the Irwindale Redi Auto Sport deal with Colours I should have introduced myself but I got a cold feeling from you then and that's why I didn't.

    I have been at this everyday since March 10th 2005 when my son became a paraplegic, what have I learned?...yes spinal cord injuries are a very difficult and intricate thing to repair, that's pretty obvious. It's my opinion that some researchers and research centers (not all) seem to be in the business of raising funds to support their research or centers even if there work never bears fruit, the same goes for some SCI foundations out there, everyone needs a place to go to work monday morning.

    Where does my money go? in 2 1/2 years I have held 3 fund raisers and given $90K to Reeve-Irvine and $45k to the Christopher Reeve Foundation not to mention the cash I have handed out to help some newly injured people with some basic necessities.

    I don't really care where the cure/improvements come from as long as they come. I would like nothing more than to see them come from MP but I just don't ever hear of any breaking news coming from them. Maybe it's all top secret and they are going to unroll some break through soon, I hope so. It just seems like tons of cash rolls in that place and not much comes out. I admire Marc and his families commitment SCI research and there ability to raise funds I just think with that much money and the amount of years that they have focused on this there would be more to show for it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.......................

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