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    Smile SCI-Step Visit

    WOW, is all I can say after experiencing SCI-STEP in Mason, Ohio.
    I attended SCI-STEP October 8-12,2007 on the "Free Week" offer. The week was totally free. I attended three hours of intensive rehabilitative training for five days. The experience was totally A+++.
    I am 59 years old and 6 1/2 years post injury paraplegic as a result of a T-12 burst fracture. I own a LEVO LAE manual chair which allows me to raise to stand and I also ambulate with KFO's and a walker. I have used the braces for six years and the chair for four. Until attending SCI-STEP I had not stood without braces but I was able to stand without my braces after working very hard on strengthening my legs to lock my knees. I was able to use many pieces of equipment which helped to strengthen and help fire muscles necessary.
    I have followed SCI-STEP since their inception and the "Free Week" made it possible for us to visit. God's timing was perfect for me and my family. My daughter, husband and myself traveled from Florida to SCI-STEP and spent the week in their apartment for FREE.
    Now the next few months are up to me and how much I choose to work and exercise and continue to believe by faith the sovereignty of God in my life.
    The SCI-STEP staff is absolutely incredible. Michele and Matt along with Anne have tremendous servant's hearts;their vision to help others is reality now. They make time sacrifices to help the clients who have come to them. The employees are very professional and knowledgeable as well as encouraging and kind. The bonding was instant and I almost cried when I left. I have not come in contact with people, in this field of spinal cord injury, as considerate, hard-working, thoughtful and encouraging to continue toward improvement as this group of outstanding people.
    The FREE WEEK is just that and there is NO PRESSURE to return or even take their counsel. Take the opportunity and GO FOR IT!!!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    You may check my photos at
    Doreen B
    Isaiah 40:31

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    Thanks for the amazing compliments! It was great to FINALLY meet you after years of conversing! Your main goal for your trial week was to become more efficient in KFO's. Who could have predicted that by the end of the week you were standing and locking out both legs with just a walker? read correctly! She doesn't give herself enough credit so I will assist with the details! She did it... zero assistance, zero bracing! Just Doreen and a walker and we are talking minutes, not seconds!

    Way to go!

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