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Thread: Arachnoiditis with CES symptoms (sorry for the long post)

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    Wise Young

    I did have an MRI with contrast dye two months ago, no problems Two weeks ago I get a cortisone shot, and a couple days later I get shooting pains in my wrist and ankle area. Then every day since then I feel like something is crawling on me. Fortunately it's only a few times a day instead of constantly, but still. Definitely the cortisone. I was told nothing of the potential side effects. Every doctor was pushing it. Finally I decided to try it. And it didn't even make the pain go away... instead, I feel like bugs are crawling on me, I'm irritable and depressed, my period is messed up.... totally not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soze View Post
    I, too, am considering the thecaloscopy procedure. I had an L3-L4 myxopapillary ependymoma resected in 2004. The tumor was quite large but due to the great skill of the surgeon I suffered absolutely no deflicts. Unfortunately, five days post-op I suffered two dural tears which created a pseudomeningocele repaired six months later. Post-repair (which involved another hemi-laminectomy for exposure) I started to suffer great pain when sitting, and only when sitting.
    One data point: I went ahead with a thecaloscopy procedure some months ago, which at this point I consider quite successful. I am quite impressed with Dr. Warnke and the procedure, but every patient is different.

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    There is no cure Dorte but there is a protocol that many do not know about. I have a support group i have recently made called Arachnoiditis We Can Fifht This please come join

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