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Thread: Not sure what's causing this.

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    Not sure what's causing this.

    Ever since my surgery, it seems that whenever I eat something signifigant, as in a meal as opposed to a snack, I get feverish or almost break into a sweat. I'm not a big eater, so it's happens even when I'm eating a sandwich or something.

    Is this something related to my SCI?

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    Bigger meals have often triggered physiological changes in me as well since SCI and Panic Disorder.

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    Are you taking any meds??? and if you are, make sure your following the instructions on how to take them. ( with food, empty stomach, no dairy,blah,blah,blah, you get the picture) It's just one of those things that make a difference.
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    Have you had a recent abdominal ultrasound that includes your gall bladder? Symptoms like this after a meal would make me suspicious that something is going on in that region.


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