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Thread: Should I be concerned?

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    Should I be concerned?

    So I went to an ortho doc about my neck and shoulder pain last week. I told him that I am currently attempting to use KAFO's but am having alot of pain in the areas mentioned. He asked me the type of pain, and all that other jazz and told me without a breathe that it was nothing to worry about that I probably just was using muscles that I haven't been using before or some crap llike that. I was like, I use my arms and shoulders all bloody day, what do you mean I haven't used those muscles. So I asked him, you don't want to do any imaging or anything to make sure? He said no, there is no need for it. Well I had to leave before I yelled at him and got arrested. But now for the last couple of days I have gotten up for the day and the whole day my neck is as stiff as a bored. It loosens up ever so slightly during the day but even at its best, I can only bend it about half way down to touch my chest. What could possible be causing this? Is it just pulled muscles? or something else? Thanks

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    hi Becky,
    I have a C6 incom. and had lamenectomy onC3-C6... I felt that way also about a week ago and Im thinking it was the change of weather for me. I live down here in macomb (4 hr drive from chicago) I placed a Question to the med staff here because I was afraid that a screw had come loose or something, it lasted for about 3 days and yesterday when I saw a nero it wasn't bothering me so I didn't say anything.
    sorry I can't be of much help.

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    Thanks for the response. I am a T12 so it can't be any screws or anything since there aren't any up there. I had thought maybe weather too but changes to colder weather usually don't bother me, its the change to the summer that kicks my butt.

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    Becky are you using loft strand crutches for the first time? Those can push lower traps into upper traps and cause serious pain. Have you tried moist heat? Any help at all? Has a PT poked around for a bursa, trigger point thing? If none of those things fit I'd see a different doc for at least a few xrays. Maybe just get a baseline DEXA test and ask that it go all the way from hips to up your cervical spine. It won't show everything but if an out of whack bone thing shows up on the DEXA it would probably get you to an MRI.
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    I am only using a walker at the moment. Crutches would equal devistation. I will definately call this bozo of a doctor back and yell at him and then get a script for a DEXA scan from my physiatrist. Its really creeping me out since obviously I have never had a problem with my ROM in my neck. Thanks for the suggestion.

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