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Thread: what do you do for a living?

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    what do you do for a living?

    i know there may be other posts on this, but i couldn't find what i was looking for!
    before my accident i worked at gateway computers. a desk job selling computers to large businesses. or atleast
    i also raised horses and did some rodeo.
    AND i raised dobermans. i have 22 adults right now.

    since my accident i quit the gateway job, and am kind of getting out of the horses. i do plan to keep a couple and i also plan to get barrel racing again. i don't know of anyone who is competitive who is in a wheelchair. i plan to be the first 'biggie'. i also have kept my dogs. they are my life now. they are something that i can completely do by myself, something from my 'old life'. i cherish the fact that i can still be successful in that department and do it on my own.

    i'm just wondering what you guys do? i'll try to post a couple of pics of my pooches, i'm so proud of them!!
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    Great pics, Marielea. The last one was so, so cute. Loved it. Nick and I have been talking dogs recently but we don't agree with which. He likes Greyhounds and I love Toy Collies, or Collies like Lassie. I think that collies are better because of Isis being here and always trying to play with the previous dogs we have had. Maybe we will come to some agreement later on.

    I don't work anymore. I have worked as a tax preparer at my last job. Before that I did work as an Avon Rep but decided it was too much hassle. I prefer working in an office. My job before Avon was as a Medical Records Technician at a Drug Abuse Clinic. Loved doing that kind of work but sores and anxiety attacks kept me from continuing on with it. I wanted to also see my baby grow up instead and became a whatever they want to call it now(I call it - MOMMY). Plus now being a grama.


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    the last picture was when i was still in the hospital from my accident. my baby, maui, was brought to see me once a week. i sure looked foreward to her visits. i raised her, and actually had to pull her when she was born. she has spent every day of her life with me. she was the last thing i saw when i went to bed, and the first thing i saw in the morning. i love my girl.
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    I've enjoyed the pictures that you've posted very much so far. They give a nice perspective on your life and your passions. From the horse to dog pictures, they've been a pleasant breath of fresh air.


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    You use dogs to herd sheep, what do you use to herd dogs? I haven't seen that many together in a long time.
    Well, as far as your question, I do data entry for a small grocery line (8 stores). Price changes, ads, some payroll, etc. Anything as long as I can sit on my a$$.
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    I am a computer programmer for a company that does benefits administration (like 401k plans...pension plans, and health plans). I rather be doing something involving sports...but this at least pays the bills.
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    beutifull looking dogs, hate to see the feed bill, I have one dog and he eats better than me most of the time. but he is spoiled rotten.
    in light of your question, I used to work at a mfg. co. building farm implements for John Deere. loved the work , it paid good and the coworkers were alright, I miss it. and the money.

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    Hi Marielea

    I've moved this to the Work, School and Money forum. Hope you don't mind.

    There is a similar thread here:

    C5/6 incomplete

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    Police and fire dispatcher.

    Before that I worked at front desk reception and switchboard for one of the local hospitals.
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    I go to Worcester Polytechnic Institute full time for aerospace engineering.

    During breaks and all summer I am an engineering technician (I got lucky and landed a paid internship) at a fused-fiber optics manufacturing company called Incom. Incidentally part of what we do is make microwell arrays which Dr. Young probably uses in his work...

    During the school year I live off of the GI Bill benefits.

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