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Thread: Got my Mitroffanoff surgery date

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    Got my Mitroffanoff surgery date

    I'm going under April 20th. Eeeks! I'm so nervous. I gotta check-in on the 19th though to do the bowel prep, since I'm getting the augmentation as well.

    To all of you who've gotten this done, do you have any advice for me to get myself ready for this whole dealio?

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    Hey Theo-
    Good luck. Before I went for mine, I spent a month cleaning my system by eliminating caffiene, meat and refined sugars from my diet.
    I would add dairy to that list now.
    I was back at school full time a day after leaving the hospital. Help your body prepare itself for healing.

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    You will be fairly ill for the first couple of days. Ask about how they plan to pad the OR table to prevent pressure ulcers, and about getting a low air loss bed for post-op for prevention of skin breakdown. Turning will be painful and difficult at first.

    Have someone with you as much as possible at the hospital to be sure that someone is looking out for your interests and to act as your advocate. This applies to the first couple of days especially.

    Don't hesitate to ask for pain medication. I recommend PCA (patient controlled analgesia) if at all possible as this gives you, rather than the busy nurses, control over your pain relief.

    Good luck with your surgeries!


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    Good luck Theo! It will be good to see how this goes for you. I've been contemplating this for months, after DC I'll make my decision.

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    Originally posted by alissa:

    Before I went for mine, I spent a month cleaning my system by eliminating caffiene, meat and refined sugars from my diet.
    I would add dairy to that list now.
    why does eliminating these foods help?

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    what are u getting done?


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    Good luck Tiff, think you are making the right move.

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    theophania - you will be glad that you made this decision. Follow KLD's advice to have a good outcome for your hospitalization experience.

    I don't recall your level of injury but if you are at risk for AD, be sure that the nursing staff is well informed and alerted to this condition. Take information with you and ask that it be placed either over your bed or in the front of the chart (if the hospital has paper records).

    The more you prepare the staff, before admission, as to your particular SCI needs, the better the experience will be. Ask you doctor to order PT for you, post-op, to facilitate your recovery and help get you moving.

    Give them your bowel program and schedule and insist that they follow this with you. CRF

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    I had my surgery done and 97, I felt I healed pretty quickly, but my mother's health care professional and she took care of me, both while in the hospital and postop at home. I think I kept the indwelled catheter for about a month. It took me about two weeks to be able to get the catheter in by myself on a regular basis. I did not do the augmentation. But if you have any questions before or afterwards fill free to e-mail me.


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