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Thread: please help...

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    please help...

    I use cath every 4 hours. Last year I irritate my self so there was a lot of extra tissue and lots of resistance so the cath didn't go in. I went to 2 urologist, they both say it goes away by anti biotics and 2 weeks of foley so it won't get irritated, one of them even took me to O.R and then decided not to remove the extra tissue cause it goes by itself, stupi dr took me to O.R for nothing
    now recently after a year, I still have extra tissue, start to have a same problem... I have been to ER 2 times since June, had foley for a few days then back to normal, then again back in a month...
    Tired of this situation, and don't wanna have foley for god any solution..pleaseeeeeeeee

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    Wheely no solutions, I just wanted to let you know that I too,am struggling with spasms and scar tissue. I have great difficulties doing my stupid cath.
    I'm on a prophalatic antibiotic due to so many uti's. I don't know if that actually helps with the tissue thing, sure as hell doesn't help with freakin' yeast infections, and of course doesn't help with the spasms.

    I hope things go better for you!

    take it easy


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    I would discuss it with the doctor who was going to remove the tissue or whatever he thought would help or get another opinion.


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    Are you a candidate for a mitro or SP catheter? Has you doctor discussed these or other alternatives with you?

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    This is unusual unless you are being excessively rough during catheterization. What type of catheter are you using? What size? Is it excess tissue or a false passage or a stricture? Each is different and should be managed differently.


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    went to urologist on Sept , after a cysto he said if he remove it it leave scar whick makes it worse so he dialte the uretha... guess what it was just fine for a all over again... sooooo much resistance when i wanna do cath... im just soooooooooooo frustrated.... for the love of god, there should be something that help me get rid of swelling...

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    Urethral dilation generally has to be repeated periodically.

    Have you considered a Mitrofanoff??


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    not really.. i was fine before ..i wanna know whats wrong that prevents me

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