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Thread: MOTIVATED CARE: Injured woman founds spinal cord program

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    MOTIVATED CARE: Injured woman founds spinal cord program

    MOTIVATED CARE: Injured woman founds spinal cord program
    October 13, 2007



    Erica Nader wants wheelchairs to hang someday from the ceiling of her new Ferndale rehabilitation therapy business.

    Walk the Line to SCI Recovery opened Monday in Ferndale after sharing space with a nearby Royal Oak fitness center.


    Nader was the first American to undergo experimental stem-cell surgery in Portugal for spinal cord repair in March 2003, after a 2001 auto accident.

    Her program uses physical trainers, under a physician's supervision, to work with people with spinal cord injuries in therapies that push them toward their fullest recovery. That means standing upright, pedaling bicycles and other devices, doing sit-ups and even walking.

    The program aims to be more affordable, possibly half the cost of conventional therapies, because it doesn't use more expensive physical therapists employed in many programs. Nader, 29, of Bloomfield Hills declined to state what her program costs, saying only that she invites people to visit her program and discuss those issues then. Most hospitals don't post prices either, she said.

    "We want to create the best environment that is cost effective," Nader said Wednesday before her 3-hour therapy session. "People in these programs are healthier, happier, reintegrated into society more." Michigan's no-fault auto insurance pays for therapy for many people with spinal cord injuries hurt in auto accidents. Benefits from other insurances vary. Often insurance reimbursement stops if a person's progress plateaus.

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    I did not notice the comments at the bottom of the article when I first posted the link. I think there are several good points that are put forward in the comments and I’m amazed by the polarization that still exists around recovery/therapy/rehab. Additionally, I truly hope that most individuals did not experience the pessimistic information and physical therapy that CryptpyrC received (at least in the last 5 years with all the progress). I wish these individuals would join this site and post their comments here.



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    Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:35 am Post subject:

    Yippy GREAT News!!!!!!

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    Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:36 pm Post subject: SCI program

    I would be very vary of programs such as these which are run by semi-qualified people. This is not physical therapy. To claim this treatment is physical therapy is against the law in MI. If an individual can tolerate three hours of activity after a spinal cord injury,my best recommendation is to talk to a physical therapist to establish a supervised exercise program. If someone is willing to pay for a program such as this, I would suggest use that money to get the care from an individual qualified to provide that care- a physical therapist. I am sure no one would want to go for a surgery performed by an unqualified person-just because it is under a physician's supervision.
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    Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:39 pm Post subject:

    Yes that is true but I don't think she is "Running it" as in hands on I would have to think that she has hired highly qualified people for the hands on work and she is just making sure that the donations come and go in the right direction.

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    Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 4:39 pm Post subject: This program works!

    I have a cervical level spinal cord injury (I'm a quadripelegic) and I've been going to Walk the Line for 9 weeks now and I must say I've regained more strength and function from this program run by "unqualfied" people than I ever have in my three years at different "physical therapy" facilaties at hospitals and traditional medical programs (in response to physiotherapist's comment). Now I'm able to fire and use abdominal, back and leg muscles. Every physical therapist I've ever had has told me were paralyzed forever, so they never even tried to work those muscles with me. The only reason I'm able to use those muscles now is because I've enetered a program where I'm allowed and encouraged to try to use muscles that were never involved in any "supervised exercised program". The medical community has always told me not to worry or even try to do these things because it will never happen, yet I know IT CAN HAPPEN because its happening to me

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    Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:20 pm Post subject:

    Yippy Good News glad they were able to help you !!!!

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    Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:25 am Post subject:

    Most of the techniques and equipment I see on the web site are “traditional”. Total gyms, full body ergometer, walkers of various types, and braces have been implemented for years. I know many of the therapists down at the Rehab Institute and am well aware that two off them were very instrumental in the novel treatment techniques developed from traditional physical therapy didactics for the Center for SCI Recovery over the last 3 years. It is insulting to insinuate that Physical Therapists lack innovation and are expensive. There are individuals in every profession who seek to be seen as experts and those who settle on mediocrities, do not lump everyone into the same boat. If traditional medicine is so “bad” why even have a physician on staff (billing?). Almost every treatment technique employed at various recovery focused facilities across the US has a past history in physical therapy or physical rehabilitation (A wheel is a wheel, but the vehicle you place it is on can make a difference). Innovation has many definitions; the successful exploitation of new ideas, change that creates a new dimension of performance. I think these two definitions fit what you are seeing around the US in regard to recovery focused programs. The change is in the idea (recovery), not necessarily the treatment technique or equipment utilized. I would like to see the unit charge/cost of this facility versus the numerous recovery focused centers around the US (some employee MD’s, PT, combinations of MD/PT/OT/ATC, and some Trainers, which is not necessarily an ATC). I like the idea of aggressive recovery focused therapy programs but they (the program and the patient’s) need to be over seen (or periodically evaluated) directly by a licensed team (with optimal recovery as a team goal) for safety and legitimacy of billing (MD preferable PMR, Physical Therapist, ATC… individuals with a license and at least a 4 year degree). If the cost is in deed half of other programs it would be around $150 to $175 for a 3 hour session (based on the average charge of $35 per unit or 15 minutes for therapeutic exercise). I find it odd that comments like ”traditional” are seen in such a negative light. People need to understand that many traditional techniques work when applied in a novel recovery focused manner. The answer is hope, there is nothing wrong with it and I believe it is the key to innovation.

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    Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:19 pm Post subject:

    I'm still somewhat wary of the utilization of stem cells, but if they can cultivate one's own cells, then I have absolutely no problem with it. I'd like to see if there's something they could do to help me hear fully.
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    I'm all for alternatives. I think the high regard people have for the Center For Spinal Cord Recovery at RIM are in part due to the progressive nature of the therapies available there. Many would like to partake in that but find barriers with the cost as well as maybe the commitment of time. Erica's facility seems to lower the cost barrier. I hope she can make a go of it and I hope people who use the facility gain from it. Who knows, we might see some innovative therapies come out of there even though it is not staffed by certified PT's.
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