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Thread: Price of Gasoline checkup for October 2007

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    Price of Gasoline checkup for October 2007

    I was inspired by the length of time it takes Curt to pump his own gas, to try and see what the price of gas is throughout the world.

    Toronto - October 14

    Litre - 95.0 Cents $Can

    US gal - $3.42 $US


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    I think somewhere around $3.40ish for Premium (I dont like the car KR'ing) in the city of Chicago w/all the wonderful city and county taxes. Subtract maybe .20 or so crossing the border to the suburbs, and less getting out of Cook County. I found it is less shocking to ignore what I'm paying for gas, although occasionally noticing that $50+ on the pump display does get alarming at times. Gotta love that ~33% tax rate on fuel.

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    Ninety four point seven cents here in Windsor, Ontario yesterday!
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    I think the gasolin price is $2 for a litre. But how much is a gallon? I mean in litre.
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    A liter is roughly a quart, so there are approximate 4 liters = 1 gallon.

    Here in the USA it is expensive, but no where nearly as expensive as in Europe. In my area (Southern California) the average price for regular was $3.00 this weekend (self-serve).


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    I knew you were having cheap gasolin, but I did not know it was so cheap
    And here they want the prices up so the people take the bus instead.
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    I just filled up yesterday at the cheapie station not affiliated with any of the big names and it was $2.65 per gallon here. Someone told me a long time ago that unless you had a performance engine cars would run just as well on the cheaper grade, and they seem to be correct, at least for my vehicle.

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    Been holding fairly steady here for a change, we topped out this summer very briefly at over $3 a gallon (think I saw 3.29 once) before slowly declining to the present average about 2.44 a gallon. Just saw a price jump at some stations tho - guess some folks are afraid they're not making enouugh Whatever.

    More interesting and amusing, I thought was my first sighting of a Honda Fit at the local stop n' rob. Just last night on the way home. Love that car, and knowing its fuel mileage, actually spotting on parked at a pump IS a rare sight indeed! I even joked with the owner about it, he got a real chuckle out of it.


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    In CT I have seen prices from $2.73/gal to $3.03/gal depending upon where you live.
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    $2.71 is the cheapest here, my corner of SW Florida.

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