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Thread: Cymbalta

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    So I will be starting Cymbalta in the process of weaning off of eilval, which at this point,was not working very well. I realize Cymbalta has a few unwanted side effects.

    Anyone have any luck with it for the neuropathy?

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    hi princess,
    i started taking cymbalta for neuro pain the middle of aug. i initially had some nausea...and still do have occassional bouts, but no other side effects.

    i believe that i have had pain relief. i am not sure exactly why or how since i know that the pain is still there but somehow i am not affected by it in the same debilitating way. whatever the reason i am grateful to be able to get through the day without wishing that i were dead because the pain in my arms and back is so intense. i call it "body on fire" just doesn't happen like that anymore. now it is pain from true weakness and fatigue. i go to bed at night, it goes away.

    good luck. keep us posted.

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    Pam, what else are you taking? How long were you on Elavil?

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    I get what you mean about the burning/body fire. How do you manage in Wisconsin with the cold? Cold makes the burning just awful for me. My family knows I hate the cold because of this. Heck, I get cold just thinking about the cold.

    I took my 3rd Cymbalta last night. At 52, I know this body well enough to state it knocked me out and I awoke up feeling very groggy. It seems to persist through-out the day, with me yawning and in the fog, which is highly unusual. Neuropathy relief was ok.

    I was taking only 10 mg of elavil at night for about 4 years and it worked fine in the beginning. I also use Ultram 50 mgs about twice daily. Anything more than that wrecks havoc with my system.

    Neurontin, Lyrica caused me weight gain so I discontinued them. Topamax did not sit well with me and made the burning much worse and I developed severe Nystagmus.

    Its been all trial and error for me. I am not so sure I will continue the Cymbalta. My doctor and I had discussed increasing the elival as the 10 mgs is not much, say maybe to 25 or 50. I go back to see him in a few weeks.

    Sigh, I grow weary of the constant battle with the meds and once weaned from all of them. Suffice to say, I was so rotten miserable I did not even want to be around me.

    Thanks for your replys,

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    for me,cymbalta actually increased my central pain and also had a very odd effect on this area of my RSD knee where i have some type of RLS component going enhanced it to the point where i litterally jumped out of bed the day/night i had to raise the dosage(from only 30 to 40mgs) as my leg felt the worst creepy crawley nasties ever.i ended up pacing the floor all night long,the next morning,i started a rapid taper off that was a horrid feeling it created in my legs.

    despite the fact that it was making my CP worse,i wanted to still give it a shot since it WAS actually affecting it,i was hoping that it may turn around for me and DO something good also did nothing for my depression either.but i know other people who it has really helped too.everything is very highly individual as far as how it will work on you and your bodys physiology and pain processes.marcia

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    Doc is going to try me on 20 mg. Cymbalta, as we have no other ideas. Hoping to avoid the nausea this time - I'm having enough problems with central pain-caused queasiness and all the painful organs, so I don't need more stomach trouble. And I sure don't need a meed to increase the pains - they keep intensifying on their own and don't need assistance, as I'm beyond miserable already. I want reduction of the bones tnrough skin, skin ripping, burning and being scraped off, and cramping feelings, as well as all the others!
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    cymbalta made me sick as a dog. worst one i've tried. hope you have a lot better luck. but, they've all made me sick. i can't seem to take these kinds of drugs. effexor was my latest try...made me sick from one pill.

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    I've been taking it for depression for a week now. So far so good (no side effects).

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    I took it and it was awful . Heart racing , sweats , anger .
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    Thumbs down Cymbalta-------

    another nearly usless composition of Rx shit dust.

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