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Thread: Ladies, have you had your Mammogram

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    Ladies, have you had your Mammogram

    Well I'm off to the VA down in Augusta,GA today, it's time for my annual mammogram. Are all the rest of my 40 something sisters getting theirs done? Better yet, are you doing your monthly exams at home? I'm very lucky to have doctors who insist on yearly mammograms, and even more lucky to be recieve my care from the VA, since they are more than willing to do these test at no cost to me outside of the cost of my travel. At the price of gas these days the travel pay isn't what it used to be.
    Remember, the best way to survive breast cancer is to find it as early as possible. I am the grandaughter of a breast cancer surviver.

    Linda H.

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    Linda - thanks for your important reminder. The following website has some helpful information. I believe that the clinics are for California residents, but there is general information that women with disabilities could use.

    Breast Health/women with disabilities CRF

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    I have my scheduled for June 9!

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    Every year

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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