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Thread: Internet surfers say goodbye mouse, hello voice commands

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    Internet surfers say goodbye mouse, hello voice commands

    This article on new software technology perhaps holds a lot of promise for many CCC members.

    October 10, 2007 --University of #Washington researchers have developed software designed to let those who can't work a handheld mouse use their voice instead to navigate the Web.

    "There are many people who have perfect use of their voice who don't have use of their hands and arms," said Jeffrey Bilmes, an associate professor of electrical engineering, in a statement. "I think there are several reasons why Vocal Joystick might be a better approach, or at least a viable alternative, to brain-computer interfaces."

    The Vocal Joystick detects sounds 100 times a second, relying on vowel sounds to move in one direction or another and moving faster or slower depending on voice volume. "K" and "ch" sounds are used for mouse clicks and releases. Some wonder why speech-recognition technology might not be better, but the University of Washington researchers say it would be too slow because that technology would rely on drawn-out, discrete commands.
    The tool can be used for Web browsing, as well as for playing video games and even drawing on a screen.
    Other tools, such as eye trackers, sip-and-puff devices and head-tracking systems, also exist for enabling the disabled to take advantage of computers and the Internet. But University of Washington researchers say such offerings have limitations, whereas Vocal Joystick is easier to use. It requires only a microphone, a computer sound card and a user who can make sounds.

    Here is a link to a demonstration video:


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    vroooooooommm EEERRRRRRRRRRR weeeohhh weeooh

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    Interesting, as long as you are alone ...
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    I love this idea... singing to your computer. Regarding bothering other people, you can sign into a voice cone close to your face that catches the sound. Hmm, may be better than a hand operated mouse. Wise.

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    Sounds like he's beat-boxin'.

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