Frankel grading system

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Medical Glossary

Spinal cord injuries by the numbers

The Frankel Grade, according to the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, serves as a classification guide for spinal injuries. When a spinal cord injury occurs, patients are often told they have an injury at a given spinal cord level and are given a qualifier indicating the severity of injury, such as "complete" or "incomplete."

Tommy Rezza has a C classification injury.

Designation, Frankel Grade, Definition

A - Complete neurological injury. No motor or sensory function detected below level of lesion.

B - Preserved sensation only. No motor function detected below level of lesion, some sensory function below level of lesion preserved.

C - Preserved motor, nonfunctional. Some voluntary motor function preserved below level of lesion but too weak to serve any useful purpose, sensation may or may not be preserved.

D - Preserved motor, functional. Functionally useful voluntary motor function below level of injury is preserved.

E - Normal motor function. Normal motor and sensory function below level of lesion, abnormal reflexes may persist.