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Thread: SCI Recovery Program now OPEN in TEXAS

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    SCI Recovery Program now OPEN in TEXAS

    Pressing On- A Spinal Cord Injury Research & Recovery Program has finally opened their doors! We are located in San Antonio, TX and have started scheduling clients for Oct. 15 and following. Here is a link to our website and contact info.

    (210) 877-2228

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    Yes! Good job guys! You will do great! Come visit again soon.
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    I think it is yalls turn to come see us. Although I do want to come to NY again. When it gets really cold and you want some nice weather you can come work out down here with us! Talk to you soon.

    Jenny- recovered C-6, C-7

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    Nice matching outfits. We need some specialist up here. Currently its basically idiots except for one small non-profit group, but they're only open one day a week.
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    Oklahoma isn't too far from here...we have some great hotels!

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    Good point Jenny. The temperature is rapidly dropping here...
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    Nice moderate temps in the 70's here. Our newest client drove down last week from San Diego.

    We should do some type of rally between NJ and Texas.....

    What do you think? Like a fundraiser, our non-profit isn't up and going yet but we have several clients who are looking to do some fundraising. What new peice of equipment did you all get up there? We will hopefully have our gait trainer next week!!!

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