My infant son was discharged from the NICU a couple of weeks ago after being hospitalized for 3 months after an extremely premature birth. Despite being very sick at one time, he did quite well in the NICU, feeding was excellent, yet the MRI done before discharge showed a possible PVL (periventricular leukoomalacia) diagnosis. I have been told by a couple of people that if I'm interested in stem cell therapy for him, I should act now while he is still so young and his brain is still developing. It is hard to know how to navigate through the waters of all these stem cell companies overseas, the different methods, and to determine which, if any, make the most sense as an early intervention technique for my child. I am in a tough spot because I don't want to miss any windows of opportunity to get the best possible help for my son while his brain is still developing, yet of course don't want to inject him with something if he is perfectly ok. I was told by the neurologist that another scan would not show anything definitive for another six months (5 months now). Do you agree with this? That's a long time to wait if there is some kind of intervention that could be done earlier. I'm told that often children with the worse MRIs come out ahead of those with milder MRIs so of course even if he has the severe PVL, we wouldn't know how he ultimately would end up doing until later. But if there's a way to provide him with the best chance for a good outcome using stem cell therapy now, then I'd like to do so.

The neonatologist at the NICU advised me to just do all the early intervention physical and occupational therapy that I can at this point and to closely watch his development, perhaps opting not even to repeat the MRI in a few months if he is developing ok.She seemed to think the repeat MRI might just show more questions.

Any advice on how/where to start with this?