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Thread: Headset or Microphone

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    Headset or Microphone

    I just recently bought a computer that has Vista voice recognition and was wondering can I use the same headset for my phone and plug into my computer with an adapter with VR software from vista?

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    A headset made for a computer is stereo vs mono for most phones. That would mean if you want stereo, get another headset. But it will work with the appropiate adapter, 2.5mm mono to 3.5mm stereo.
    I have always used ~15 buck headsets that ya get at wally whirled for my computer.

    Others who use voice recognition software say a GOOD quality USB port headset is necessary for accurate VR transcription. Some of the folks who use Dragon Naturally Speaking can give you a better suggestion than I on which works best.

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    I use a headset to do all my typing. I've tried a microphone, but it picks up any background noise and is not accurate at all. I do just use the sound card on my laptop although I'm considering getting a USB model. You need to have a good noise canceling headset for good recognition, another words the ball on my microphone is about three quarters of an inch in diameter, but it doesn't pick up every breath I make versus the cheaper ones which do. And I do wear a mono headset because having both ears covered while working on my computer is very uncomfortable.
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    most of the laptops are equiped with a microphone .just install the proper audio software.i tried headset as well is very uncomfortable....i agree...
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    Thanks all, I think I'll just get an adapter for the headset I use for my phone and see how well it goes. If I don't like the way it sounds I get the better one.

    Although my desktop has a sound card, I might not have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp
    Others who use voice recognition software say a GOOD quality USB port headset is necessary for accurate VR transcription. Some of the folks who use Dragon Naturally Speaking can give you a better suggestion than I on which works best.

    Take this advice! I have spent the past year banging my head because my voice recognition required so many corrections. Yesterday I plugged in a USB headset with sound muffling or whatever and my recognition has gone from about 60% to about 95%. I got the advice from a prior thread yesterday about DNS.

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    That's sound advice(no pun intended) I will get a usb headset if it gives better quality.

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    I recently purchased a USB headset and so far it seems to work well with Vista's speech engine. I am impressed with the way Vista's SR works with the OS. It can do your basic speech to text but it will require more training if you need to rely on voice rec. Vista's SR, from my experience, is not demanding on system resources. You definitely want to have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Vista's SR works very well with Internet Explorer 7.

    OTOH, I could not dictate while using Firefox, which only leaves me the option of using IE 7. I prefer to use Firefox so this is a minor problem. I also was not able to dictate into Microsoft Word 2000. I had to use Notepad or Wordpad. Also I really don't want to purchase Office 2007 in order to use Vista's SR or DNS, but I will take it under consideration.

    I think Vista's SR has the potential to be very good, but I don't think Microsoft will follow through to make this search engine better in any of its updates. That means I will probably be using Dragon with Vista.
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    pricey but worth it...haven't had to replace them (and I've replaced many) noise cancelling, usb capable etc

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