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Thread: What song is stuck in your head?

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    Question What song is stuck in your head?

    Right now it's Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie for me

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    Rockstar Nickelback
    Because they play it about 500 times a day.

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    I've heard a couple of songs by Death Cab For Cutie a while back - they were pretty good, I think.

    I'm listening to Faye Wong's "Doomsday" (English translation) right now. Very Cocteau Twins-ish.

    But I keep thinking of "My Love Paramour" by the aforementioned Cocteau Twins. It's wondrous.

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    Such Great Heights by the Postal Service. And Airbag by Radiohead. I'm going through a wussy music phase lately.

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    "My gym partners a monkey" if you want to consider it a song. Its the opening song to a show on cartoon network that my daughter watches.

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    I'm listening to Breathe Me by Sia. I've just heard it for the first time today.
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    I'm not short im funsized!

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    Sublime--Santeria. It's been playing in my head since Thursday!

    Lu2b--I LOVE that Sia song. It makes me tear up.

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    9,791 know, The Village People classic!

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    1234, The song from the new iPod commercial

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    manamana mmm mmm m mmm mmm

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