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Thread: Judge A Book by It's Cover ... Books YOU are reading or have read?

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    Yesterday I judged a book by its title. I was Browsing Amazon for free Kindle downloads and came across Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; I passed.

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    Anyone read any Ginsberg?
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    Tom, I almost did that to "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" but took a chance and really enjoyed it.
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    I am reading "Love in the Time of Cholera." It is one of my favorite books.

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    I have read a few more recent books on my Kindle

    The Paris Wife:
    A fictionalized account of life in Paris (primarily) during the 1920s and the "Lost Generation" told from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway's first wife.

    (and while on vacation this week on both my iPod and my Kindle):

    A Movable Feast:
    Hemingway's own memoir written about the same time period as the book above...supposedly non-fictionalized. Interesting to see his perspective vs. those in the first book.

    Major Pettigrew's Last Stand:
    A comedy of reminds me a lot of Jane Austin, but in modern times, about a retired British army major, his relationships with his son, and growing relationship with his village's Pakistani shop keeper. A charming story.

    Lost in Shangri-La:
    The true story of a US Army Air Corps plane crash in New Guinea late in WWII and the efforts to rescue the male and female survivors who are stranded in a previously unknown valley with a tribe of primate natives. A fascinating story, but not as well written as I had expected from reviews.

    The Confession (John Grishom):
    A novel about a murder and rape of a teenaged girl in Texas, the wrongful conviction and execution of a black classmate, and the discovery of the true murderer.

    The Help: A novel based on the relationships of black maids and their female white employers in early 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. I wanted to see this before the movie comes out in another week or so. I can recommend this one.

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    Here's a review of a recent Roy Campanella bio.

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    I recently finished Shanghai Girls by Lisa See and highly recommend it. Any Lisa See book really. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was another one of my favs.

    Then I read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. Lovey dovey story that you can expect from Sparks but good anyway. (I'm a girl and love a decent fictional romance given it's not Harlequin.)

    Now I am reading Fall of Giants. I was a big fan of Follett's World Without End too, and this book looks like it will keep my interest just as well. Plus I love the feel of a huge heavy book in my hands.
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    woops. double post.
    If there is light
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    I looked at Shanghai Girls yesterday, but took "In The Woods" by Tana French instead.
    Will put it on my list Carrie.

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    Finally got around to reading The Hunger Games trilogy. Am unspeakably excited to see the upcoming films.

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