Music Within is opening in limited release on October 25, 2007. This film has been well received on the film festival circuit, winning Audience Favorite awards and great reviews at both the Dallas and Palm Springs Film Festivals earlier this year. I was able to see it last spring through the local Cinema Society.

It is the story of Richard Pimentel, a Vietnam Veteran who lost his hearing in Vietnam, who comes back to the USA to experience the wide-spread discrimination against those with disabilities in the USA at that time. He became involved in the disabilities rights movement, and was instrumental in helping to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1991.

The movie features Ron Livingston as Pimental, and an amazing Michael Sheen (last seen as Tony Blair in "The Queen") who plays his best friend Art Honeyman, who has cerebral palsy.

I would recommend this film to anyone who cares about disability rights,
life for returning disabled veterans, or just enjoys a movie that celebrates the humanity of us all. I am not sure where it will be showing, most likely just in the larger movie markets, but it may open wider if well received.

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