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    SHOULDER BLADE HELL... I thought to post it here rather than under PAIN, due to the more likelihood of eliciting a greater response in the CARE forum.
    On my c4 body side I get a punishing burning/stinging/itch sensation throughout which can only be relieved with hard scratching the skin over the specific areas. The sensations are most prevalent as part of morning stiffness, and the periods following exercise. The sensation is so great I cannot bear doing anything else until I have it scratched until the skin rubs off and blood appears! I can feel a twisted muscle, or bone joint below the skin where it stings. Sometimes I can have the muscle bump rubbed out to relieve the pain, most of the time I must have it scratched heavely. I had it checked several times and tried physical therapy, massage, heat, deep sonar heat, and 'cortisone' shot. (something like cortisone). All I feel is bone crushing against bone....ouch.
    Can anyone offer anything that may offer any level of relief?

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    Are you sweating in that area? That's a good sign normally. Next, maybe an xray to make sure nothing is out of place. Then...try simple Tylenol, ionophresis (ask the nurse), accupunture by an MD and if that doesn't help...keep scratching Tim.

    Oh, any new meds since the itch started? I was put on a clonidine patch for nerve pain and was allergic to the glue. I couldn't reach the sucker but tried like crazy to pull it off with my teeth!

    Good to see you at the open house. Tell your son he's looking decidingly more mature these days.

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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