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Thread: transfers, C-6

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    transfers, C-6

    Is it possible for a C6 quad to transfer from bed to chair? If so how long does it take to learn to do so? My husband has full wrist movement, no gripp... he says he might have triceps but has not yet proven that to there any way I would be able to tell?

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    raise his arm straight up over his head if he can keep his hand from falling on his head he has some tricep

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    i am c-5/6,and i am 11 months post injury...i can do a slide board transfer...completely independent, except for placement of the board....

    just tell him to work hard, and never give up...

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    My boyfriend is a C-6 quad and he transfers completely on his own. He has been in the chair for almost 19 years.

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    c4/5 inc, no tris, totally independant. tell him to work his ass off he can certainly do it

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    Im C5/6,and with hardwork and a lot of practice i would have to say yes,it is more than possible,it is quite obtainable...Good luck

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    I'm c6 w/ some tris, and get in and out of bed and truck independently, so he could do it. Dont be afraid to let him fall, cause u have to get the whatif's outta your mind to perfect transferring. Legs will definately be most difficult. If your husband still does rehab, do nothing but transferring, thats what did it for me. It makes PTs very nervous though .

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    "Dont be afraid to let him fall,"

    This is the most idiotic advice I've seen in a while. We're not talking about little able bodied Billy learning to ride w/o training wheels. A fall in one with SCI can lead to some of the worst nightmares of all, compound fractures, blood clots, poor union, pressure injury, dislocation, ligament tear, laceration and more. It is often the first event in what becomes a downward spiral of complications leading to death.

    It should be guarded against with all seriousness. Lose the bravado.

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    ''This is the most idiotic advice ive seen in awhile''

    Is it?...I agree with him,while of course you dont want the person to fall,if a person is gonna work and learn an independent transfer,especially a quad,there gonna fall.I took plenty of falls learning to get my C5/6 ass in bed by myself,and i learned something from everyone of how to untangle my legs from my chair,how to get back up to sitting position on the floor,how to slide and bump my way across that floor to a phone..I know to many people who wont try different things because there afraid they will fall,and anybody reading your post will now maybe think ''Geez,what if i fall! Look at the tradgety that will beset me..OOOHHHH I COULD DIE''..Goodness sakes...If you want to learn to transfer,you gotta learn to fall,it sucks but you gotta lose your fear of it..

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