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Thread: Affordable Mobility>> Hand controls, Vans, Etc. in the new england area

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    Affordable Mobility>> Hand controls, Vans, Etc. in the new england area

    I recently had a couple of really good experiences with a company called as the owner Mark Laflamme installed hand controls (sure grips) in both my new truck and my new Mitsubishi and did a completely awesome job. He really spent the time to tweak them and fine tune them to make them work perfectly for me. He does awesome work at a cost 25 to 50 percent less than the competition. The Suregrips were $750.00 installed, most places these days are $1000.00 or more.

    When I first heard the name of his company I laughed out loud as I'm thinking a company that installs hand controls, van lifts, etc and its affordable? Your darn right it is. This is the place to go for anybody in the New England area. He is located just over the NH border near Rockingham and is a fairly short drive from the Boston area.
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