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Thread: suffering and humans

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    suffering and humans

    suffering and humans ,
    who suffer more ...a sci person or the ones who take care of the sci person ?
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    i'd say the SCI person b/c given the choice....i'd rather take care of a sci person rather than be one, like i am now. i'd pretty much rather do anything other than being a sci person.
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    You would be hard-pressed to find a caregiver (one who truly cares, that is) who doesn't think of their loved one's suffering as being greater than their own, no matter what physical or emotional problems a caregiver might go through. At least - that is my experience having talked to quite a few caregivers in my life. That said, I don't think it's helpful to compare suffering. Everyone's pain hurts, and the more support that those with sci's and caregivers give each other - the easier it is for all to keep on keepin' on in this world.

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    well it depends on who the caregiver is, me I am the caregiver of my daughter and it hurts me to no end that I cant correct her disability. As for her, she doesnt act like shes is suffering, shes happy all the time. Oh she has her moments where she wishes she could run, but for the most part shes happy.

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    this f up injury is so sad when kids get it.
    oh well

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    I agree, I know how I feel and can't imagine the children that have to go thru this crap. Very sad.

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