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Thread: Invacare TDX 3 vs TDX SP

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    Invacare TDX 3 vs TDX SP

    Hi All,
    I'm working on getting a new chair to replace my 6 yr. old battered, bent, duct taped Invacare Arrow Storm. I started working w/a new vendor on this over a year ago who first tried to set me up w/a TDX 3 but then apparently Medicare changed their policy re power chairs so the vendor had to set me up w/the TDX SP. He said Invacare made this chair so it could be covered by Medicare. The SP looked like the same basic design as the TDX 3 but the frame was much thinner on the SP and a few other parts seemed cheap.

    Things didn't work out w/that new vendor and I had to start over with the same vendor I've been using in the past. Again I may go w/a TDX 3 but this vendor says the TDX 3 was replaced by the SP and that the SP is a better chair w/a better suspension. He said the 3 is still available & Medicare WILL cover it but recommended I go w/the SP as it's the newer technology. When I asked about the thinner frame he said thats the way they're building the frames for all models of MWD chairs.

    Can someone offer more info on this? Which of these 2 is the better, more rugged chair? Can they be configured the same? Does Medicare cover the TDX 3? Thanks!
    Dan G. in CT

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    My husband is in a Storm TDX3, ordered 11-06 received 1-07 and we have had a rep here once a month to fix it. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. His tilt in space control thing keeps burning up, we have replaced it three times. Once the wires broke and it automatically sent him in a tilt mode, he was home by himself stuck standing on his head for about 1/2 hr. before I made it home and then had to splice the wire (all 12 or so ) together, 2nd motor literally melted the wires, smoke, burnt, etc. again, this time out in the yard and hot sun (he has MS) and tilted beyond being able to move it so had to put the old spliced on back on to get him out of the yard, third one was working but the two gell batteries kept going dead so they put new batteries in and then for some reason that made the tilt motor quit working so again, had to replace it too. Have replaced both the actuator and the motor and also the batteries and it's only October. Then the other problem is he had the tendancy to bump things and the plastic pieces on the leg pieces would snap, I'm talking just bumping not hitting and they are non warranty items, $20 a pop, we have bought 8 of those, now we are awaiting the automatic adjustable leg/foot rests because the small foot rest have caused pressure sores on his foot. As for parts coming in it usually takes about 2 months even 1 month for the batteries. I have called Invacare and they basically told me I have to go thru my dealer, they would not even supply me with another dealer name. They said another dealer would not touch another dealers products. If and when we ever get another chair it will not be Invacare and it won't be from Achieve Mobility. Sorry ... but you asked.

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    I'm in the process of getting the TDX SP because I originally got a quickie groove but I wasn't happy with the base and the overall seating system and the chair was just too big. I have a quickie P200 which is only 24 inches wide, and the groove as 25 1/2 . the SP is also 4 inches shorter so I'm hoping that I'll help, along with the suspension for off-road travel

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    hi i have tdx4

    hi i have the tdx4 but only for a few weeks so fare im happy with it but you have to goup ramps curbs backwards i stop set it to 4 and i have no problem but the back wheels do make a noise but im going to get the chip and program it hope that will make a difrence
    oh im new to this form and also much lucker than most i do beleave as i only need chair when i go out as i have had both knees replaced and both hips but replacing one of my hips i went in to spazems amd ended up with nerve damage to right foot so dr,s wont let me walk out in case i fall and do more damage

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