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Thread: How do you escape the pain?

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    Firesmurf,well Marcia, I've tried lidocaine patches w/ no relief. I've also used the Fentanyl patches. Gee , they used the IV Fentanyl while I was in Acute ICU and that shit was good, but those patches suck!

    Anyhoo, the craniosacral therapy sounds coool. It sounds like you were impressed. It's worth a shot!

    Well, this cool fall weather is already stirring up a nice batch of pain. Yayh!

    Jessie-I think I had UT on my bicep tendonitus and it helped greatly. Worth a try on this too. Thinks for helping me remember that!

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    yep,the guy really did impress the hell outta me very very light,not even pressure,just more of a "hold' on my head and things started moving around at the sacal area.too freaky for words really.he also has released my overall body spasticity(my SNS is kind of stuck in the fight or flight mode due to damage there),that has been just is starting to creep back in a bit now here on sat.but wed,thurs and the whole day yesterday,my overall body tension has been reduced.he just layed his hand across my ribcage area and then places another underneath the area and actually released the horrid tightness in my diaphram that has become worse and worse from my over enlarged kidneys(i have PKD)my right kidney actually sits in the front now,right along my right ribcage on down to my hip and this has made everything within that area really tense and feels the best it hads ever felt right now.that tension is gone and my appetite is sooo much better.amazing stuff that cranio.i would at least give it a shot ya know?

    our bodies just get so tense and tightened up everywhere from pain and the actual damage,this just helps alot in releasing the fascia that covers those muscles and the muscle underneath.we are working thru the layers of them during my visits.i still have four left that my ins co has paid for.i am not too sure what will happen after that tho.i would gladly pay for this myself if i had to,it really feels worth it.thats the very first time i have felt this way about any of the many many different therepys i have tried.nothing compares to this really was a trippy experience this last wed.if this 'only" released some of your overall body stress and tension,believe me, it would be worth it.just doing that has helped me has brought down the intensity.hopefully you can find a good knowledgable one who has been doing it for a guy has over 18 years of experience in this type of therepy.i was just really suprised that my ins co paid for it,ya know?good luck and if you should decide to try this,let me know,it really is a trip and a half.marcia

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    Congrats on finding something that really helps! That's very cool! I'm going to check in my area & see if anyone offers that type of therapy. I, probably like most of you, have tried many things & most of them don't seem to help. I used to go to the chiropractor years ago, but now my condition is too severe & the thought of it frightens me. But this therapy I think I could handle. Thx for the info.


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    Thanks raven.i don't know why i never really heard of this before.i did know about the myofascial release but this goes sooo much deeper into the actual CNS and actual nerve flow.he also messes with the dura and the CSF?its all just soo very gentle but wow,what results.trippy,just trippy.i do hope you can find someone.this guy was actually thru a regular(my orthos) physical therepy is a huge ortho practice.i think at least my ins co has become much more enlightened in the healing arts(osteo and homeo pathic therepys?).they were NOT back in 03.i hope you get some good results.this really has helped me.keep me posted,Marcia

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