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Thread: cervical slip disc and ozonucleolysis

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    cervical slip disc and ozonucleolysis

    I have under gone ozonnucleolysis treatment for the cervical slip disc at C5-C6 disc which shows a large paracentral and lateral herniation causing foraminal stenosis compressing the exiting nerve roots. Mild indentation of the cord seen. After taking the ozonucleolysis treatment, does the herniated disc shrink immediately at the time of administration of the said medical procedure or the process is slow and gradual. what could be the time period for the herniated dis to set at its original place whether it is possible after such treatment. Further what are the precautions to be taken by me in future so as to avoid further injury and pain. what are the exercises to be followed making the neck muscles strong so that the prolapsed disc does not cause problems in future. Is total recovery possible in such case after taking ozonucleolysis treatment?

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    What country are you in? To my knowledge the FDA has not approved ozone. Disc pain is one thing. Motion segment stability is another, IMHO. If someone just dissolves a disc, that motion segment may be loose for all I know, which would lead to greater than normal laxity and might promote rather than prevent compression phenomena. At least where there is some instability. For simple disc pain, I have been watching the reports out of India, and they are interesting. I find the recommended SIX fluoroscopies rather daunting. From recent guidelines only 5 rads are considered safe. They used to say 10 rads. A CT may give around 2 or even 4 rads. Fluro certainly can deliver this much or more depending on the time. I don't know if the fluoro is CT fluoro or just fluoro. Either way I would wonder about the radiation. Twenty years down the line we don't want to get head or neck cancer from the irradiation. Just a thought. I dont' really have any special knowledge or experience with ozone nucleolysis.

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    i would think that standard after procedure medical care would have answered your questions.
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