Anthony has been going once a week to a PT and she has been putting him in an Easystand evolve. He liked it. She had to get a presc. from his physiatrist so we could continue coming under Medicare, but his physiatrist did not recommend him standing??!! She said that high level quads usually get Osteoperosis and would not write it. When the PT said what if he gets a bone scan to see if he has osteo or is a candidate for it and she said she didn't want to because of the costs and it was not worth dying for!! I have a call into his orthopedic Dr. because he did have a bone scan earlier this year for his HO and get his opinion on standing, but I was shocked because all I have ever heard was that it was a good thing. Don't know if Anthony has osteo but don't think so. Doesn't standing prevent this also?? Any comments are appreciated.