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Thread: Project Walk certified facility coming to the midwest

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    Project Walk certified facility coming to the midwest

    Kansas City, MO -- Project Walk® and Quest to Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centers are joining forces to bring a cutting-edge exercise-based recovery program to Kansas City. John Teegarden, a Project Walk client, is opening the first Project Walk Certified Facility in the Midwest. Quest to Walk will be located in the greater Kansas City area and will help serve the needs of those with spinal cord injuries (SCI) looking for recovery.

    As a client, Teegarden worked with Project Walk on a home-based program and has had the opportunity to return to Carlsbad, CA for training updates that have continued to improve his walking. He also understands that many people with SCIs are not able to relocate to Carlsbad, CA for training. This is why John is bringing The Dardzinski Method to Kansas City. Quest to Walk’s goal is to build a local exercise-based recovery center so more people have the opportunity for recovery. Project Walk will train the Quest to Walk trainers and help with designing the center and the equipment needed, but most importantly, Project Walk will provide the continuing education required for the trainers. This will ensure that the quality of training their clients receive will allow them to improve and regain function.

    Opening day has yet to be announced but to keep up to date with the progress, visit If you have any questions regarding Quest to Walk, please contact John Teegarden at If you have any questions regarding Project Walk, please contact Ted Dardzinski at

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    YEAH!! Nothing against the Portland facility (love you guys) but a trip down I35 makes it a lot easier. Heres to hoping for a problem free start up.

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    think we could talk them into Des Moines

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