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Thread: Do you have pain?

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    Do you have pain?

    The Translational Pain Research Group at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital is seeking individuals with chronic pain as a result of Spinal Cord Injury to participate in a research study.

    Volunteers must:
    · Be between the ages of 18 and 55;
    · Be in good physical health;
    · Have pain for at least 3 months

    Volunteers who qualify for the study will be reimbursed for their time. The cost of travel to and from BWH will also be reimbursed.

    For more information please call 617-525-7246 (PAIN) or email

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    More Info on Study

    This study requires 2 visits to BWH. One 2 day screening visit, and one week-long stay. Please call 617-525-7246(PAIN) or 1-800-722-5520 (extension 5-7246) or email

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